Innosight - Our Philosophy

Scott D. Anthony is the President of Innosight LLC, a boutique consulting, training, and investment firm that works with Fortune 500 companies, startups, non-profits, and national governments to improve their ability to create innovation-driven growth.

Our philosophy is unique in the consulting industry. We were co-founded by Clayton Christensen, professor and author of the best-selling books The Innovator's Dilemma and The Innovator's Solution, but we are not a typical "guru" firm. We have developed a series of market-tested tools and techniques that enable growth through innovation, but we are not a “black box.” We deliver compelling workshops and speeches, but we are not "trainers." Instead, we thrive at the intersection where thought leadership connects with market impact through practical techniques and hands-on collaboration:

Thought Leadership
Our foundation is the concept of disruptive innovation first identified and analyzed by Clayton Christensen in 1997. Through in-depth research and direct field work over the past eight years, we have uncovered key principles and patterns of success that help our clients better connect with consumers and reduce competitive threats. We bring together a variety of perspectives on the continually evolving landscape of innovation and share these insights through books, articles, newsletters, and blogs.

Practical Techniques
Our methodology and proprietary tools facilitate the discovery of new, high-growth markets and the rapid creation of breakthrough products, services, and business models. We help companies transform their approach to growth by redirecting existing market research programs to ask different questions, targeting non-consumers, identifying jobs-to-be-done, and focusing efforts on testing assumptions instead of analyzing projections.

Collaborative Style
To make any process repeatable, it has to be transparent. We integrate our client teams into our organization. They become a part of our process. They see what we see. They deliberate and debate with us. We brainstorm together and analyze our progress and findings as a group. At the conclusion of one of our engagements, the client team has not only seen the power of our approach, they have participated in it and most importantly, they are able to repeat it.